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Bridging the Gaps in Your Logistics Network

We do this with our developed list of carriers that provide quality, timely pickup and delivery.

CTW Historical
Who to trust?

Freight brokerage professionals providing expertise in transportation logistics. We are the best at finding the most efficient and cost-effective shipping solutions. This has been proven over our 125 years of serving in the logistics industry. 

Arriving when you want and need!

Asset owned over the road and regionally. Supporting product manufacturers for on time North American pickup and delivery. With our fleet of trailers and chassis we are able to deliver every time. Looking to grow and bring on more trailers, chassis, and power units over the next few years. 

Containers being moved on a shipping yard
Semi Truck on the open road
What can we ship

Our assets include: 

  • Dryvans

  • Chassis

  • 48' flatbeds 

  • 53' flatbeds 

  • Double drop stretch

What's the cost? 

Certified freight shippers with a developed network of carriers giving access to competitive shipping rates. 

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