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Logistics players brace for US supply chain stress test as imports hit a high

The upcoming surge in US import volumes, driven by heightened consumer spending and retailer restocking, is set to test the resilience of the supply chain, according to a report by the Global Port Tracker. The forecasted influx, reminiscent of the 2021/22 peak that led to significant congestion, could expose ongoing vulnerabilities in many companies logistics laterals. Industry experts warn that, despite reduced volumes in recent months, the expected increase could strain the logistics infrastructure, with particular concerns about port-side drayage issues. 

At CTW Logistics, we are prepared for an increase in drayage and transload needs. Our facility is located within 30 minutes of every class I intermodal facility in Kansas City. With dedicated carriers who are experts at working with the rail. We also have 35 dock doors to handle the highest influx of transload volumes. 

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