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Japan's EV Jackpot could shake up the Global EV Market!

As reported in Interesting Engineering, Japan has discovered a massive deposit of metals crucial for electric vehicle (EV) batteries. This deposit, located off the coast of Japan, contains approximately 230 million tons of rare earth elements, which are essential for manufacturing EV batteries. This find could significantly reduce Japan's reliance on China for these materials, potentially altering the global supply chain for EV batteries.

The discovery includes significant quantities of neodymium and dysprosium, which are key components in the production of powerful magnets used in EV motors. This could bolster Japan's efforts to expand its EV market and enhance its energy security.

This find is not just important for Japan; it has global implications. With the increasing demand for EVs and the metals required for their batteries, this deposit could play a crucial role in meeting future demand and stabilizing the market​

For more information please visit Interesting Engineering.

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