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Diesel Price Dips Back Below $4 at $3.992 a Gallon: TT Government

Updated: May 2

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Check out this article by Transport Topics. The article provides an overview of recent fluctuations in diesel and gasoline prices based on Energy Information Administration data. It highlights a 2.3-cent decrease in the national average diesel price, dropping below $4 per gallon for the first time since April 1. Conversely, gasoline prices rose by 4 cents per gallon on average. Notably, diesel prices decreased in most regions, except for California, where they remained higher than last year.

This decrease in diesel prices could provide some relief on fuel costs, potentially improving profit margins for trucking companies. However, the varying regional trends, particularly the sustained high prices in California, may necessitate strategic adjustments in route planning and fuel purchasing strategies to mitigate cost impacts effectively.

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