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What We Do

Route Planning

Warehousing and Transload

Cold and Dry Storage Solutions for Your Business

CTW operates a 150,000-square-foot warehouse and transload facility at 1251 Taney Street in North Kansas City, Missouri. A significant portion of the warehouse is food grade.  This location has an open rail switch and is a BNSF Premiere Transload Facility. The dedicated rail spur can accommodate up to 16 rail cars at a time, and CTW has the capability to handle all sorts of freight: palletized, floor loaded, roll paper, and bulk.

CTW also operates a 200,000-square-foot cold storage facility outside Yuba City, California, north of Sacramento. We support food distributors, local food processors, and local growers with an experienced team


Proactive and Solutions-Oriented 

CTW partners with a dedicated group of carriers to provide reliability transport, including intermodal, LTL, over-the-road, hot shot, etc. CTW owns a fleet of specialty trailers and chassis to ensure our customers have the equipment they need.

Warehouse Workers
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