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Secure & Reliable Cold Storage for Manufacturers, Growers, and Distributors

CTW's locations in Olivehurst, California and Pueblo, Colorado offer a range of cold storage and cold chain solutions.

CTW Inside PreCool Room
Rapid Forced Air Cooling 

Allowing you to chill your products to the desired temperature in under 4 hours. Our designated and specially trained technicians work tirelessly to keep your products in the best possible shape, ensuring they remain fresh and of the highest quality. We have furnished our facility with the cutting-edge of technology to rapidly cool your products with powerful air currents, ensuring even cooling and maximum freshness. 

We maintain consistent temperatures and humidity levels for all 9 of our cold rooms, ensuring that products remain fresh and maintain their quality. Preserving the quality of your products and meeting your level of care. 

- Updated cooling systems 
- Wifi enabled facility 
- Racked rooms to provide additional space

Feather river Racking
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